Zakaria Alaoui

The producer and owner of the company, Zak Alaoui founded Zak Productions in 1995.

After finishing his English and Law Bachelors' degrees, he worked in the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM). He acquired the necessary experience to start up his own company to accommodate the growing needs of foreign producers to film in a culturally diverse, safe country with varying picturesque landscapes.

His film production career started with the production of Ishtar in 1986, written and directed by Elaine May and starring Dustin Hoffman. This was the debut to the realization of more than 90 foreign productions and more than 30 years of experience within the industry. The company he founded, Zak Productions, provides all services needed to assist producers’ filmmaking in Morocco. These services range from acquisition of film permits, to budgeting and scouting to name but a few.

Through diligence, dedication and ambition, he has cooperated with the biggest names in Hollywood to produce some of the most visually stunning feature films. These include; Bourne Ultimatum with Paul Greengrass, American Sniper with Clint Eastwood, and the latest Mission Impossible with Christopher McQuarrie, where a section of a highway was shut for the needs of the production, and many more. Along with a team of professionals, he pioneered foreign production services facilitating film production within the Kingdom of Morocco thus rendering it accessible and appealing to producers from all around the globe.

On December 2014, he was honored by the Marrakech International Film Festival for his contributions to Moroccan film production and was praised for helping with the formation of the country’s technicians within the cinema industry.