Our company provides full film services ranging from filming permissions, military assistance, drone and helicopter permits, casting, equipment rental, catering, accommodation to transportation and other on-demand services to satisfy our clients’ respective needs.

Film, Helichopter & Drone Permits

Our close relationship with the CCM (Centre Cinematographique Morocain), the entity that governs film making in Morroco, allows us to obtain a variety of permits which suit the diverse and complex needs of our clients.

Equipment Rental

Due to our continuous film activity, we have gathered together the necessary equipment for any film production. With an array of latest equipment from dollies & Kinoflo kits to cranes and forklifts, capable of servicing a full feature film, Zak Productions ensures adequate equipment is provided to its clients.

Military Assistance

Zak Productions has been involved in large scale projects of military nature and has a lot of experience in securing necessary assistance and liaison with the military authorities.


The diverse nature, culture and appearance of the Moroccan people make it an ideal place for casting. With our team of established professionals we can arrange an entire cast from actors and extras to models and stuntmen.


Our catering team have the capacity and expertise to provide full catering services to suit your budget. Our food is fresh, healthy and flavoursome, and prepared to ensure you savour the culinary delights of the region.

Accomodation & Transportation

From 5 star hotels & luxury villas to sports cars and planes, we can facilitate your accomodation & transportation needs accross the country at very competitive prices.